7 Incredible Health Benefits of Soursop Leaves for Healing

Many of us are familiar with soursop as a fruit. Regardless of the taste of the delicious fruit, it turns out the leaves also provide benefits. We compile the best seven health benefits of soursop leaves. Soursop is native plant found in part of African, South African, and Southeast Asian region. The scientific name is known as Annonamuricata or commonly known as guanabana. Soursoup contains active compound called annonaceousacetogenins. This active compound is considered to be part of the type of plant compound (phytochemical). Many are more familiar with the sour and sweet taste of the fruit, but mind you that even soursop leaves contain incredible healing property that you may never heard before. We list out seven of the incredible properties that soursop leaves will do to your health. Health benefits of Soursop leaves is not only can cure for many diseases but also contain great source of nutrient. Among many of the nutrient the leaf of Annona muricata contain high levels of iron, potassium, calcium, vitamins A, vitamins B, and vitamins C, gentilic acid, annonacin, annocatalin, and also anonol that serve as natural enhancer of our body immune’s system.

1. Soursop Leaves Can Potentially Cure Your Cancer We know that cancer remain the elusive disease dubbed by modern science as a disease without cure. The existing treatment used invasive methods that destruct not only the cancerous cell but also impact the healthy cells. On top of extremely the highly expensive cost of the procedure of chemotherapy, chemotherapyactually could spread the risk of cancer cell spreading as reported by Independent. The sound alternative is needed to offer patient with safer option. One of the worthy alternative is by consuming soursop leaves extract. Laboratory studies suggest that soursop extract can target and kill types of liver and cancer that can not be targeted by chemotherapy drugs. While there is no study that test the soursop leaves potential on human subject yet, many people already experiencing its benefit through alternative medicine. A lot of testimonies are suggesting that the use of soursop leaves can reduce cancer cell by as much as 1 inch only after short period of use. The active component inside the soursop leaves perform 10.000 times stronger in attacking certain type of cancer compared of traditional chemotherapy minus all the bad side effect from chemo. Soursop leaves can treat many types of cancer. Consuming soursop leaves for example by boiling them and drink the water significantly improve metabolic condition of the body and makes it difficult for cancer cell to grow inside our body. This effect is due to rich content of active ingredient and also other content such as protein, calcium, vitamins, etc. Regular consumption of soursop leaves for one month would be a great complement in helping your body fight the cancer cells lurking inside your body. Soursop leaves is one of the most powerful and highly potential alternative to modern treatment we have today.

2. Treat Virus and Bacterial Infection

Soursop leaves contain rich antivirus and antibacterial substances that serve as natural way to kill and prevent bad bacteria and virus to grow inside our body. Therefore, soursop leaves can be used as natural antiseptic used to treat wounds or any other situation that is caused by bacteria and virus. One of the most dangerous disease caused by virus is flu and even AIDS. Soursop leaves’ rich nutrients content allow body immune system to be increased and will help us defend against dangerous virus attack. Bacteria and virus infection can cause a very damaging disease from diarrhea, fever, to amputation due to infection. That is why it is important that we know potent anti-bacterial agent that can be found easily in nature and with no side effect. Luckily for us, soursop leaf is one of those alternative that can help us treat and cure bacterial infection. The way to use soursop leaves is by boiling a handful of soursop leaves in 2 to 3 cups of water for 10 to 30 minutes. After the temperature of the water is down and safe, apply the water as you would apply antiseptic on the part of body requiring sterilization.

3. Heal Rheumatism and Gout

Rheumatism affect a lot of people mainly the senior citizens. It can cause a very severe and lasting pain and interfere with the quality of life among elderly people. The application of soursop leaves directly on the area affected by rheumatic pain can significantly reduce the pain severity felt by the patient. The active compound inside the leave will serve as pain killer and analgesic that soothe the patient. Once the soursop leaves are regularly applied, the swelling on joints will also be reduced as the anti-inflammatory substances coupled with sedative heal the swollen part of your body. Gout is a form of arthritis marked by sudden and severe pain attack and redness on the joint. Gout is more easily found among women after underwent menopause. The cause is metabolic imbalance that result in excessive uric acid. The research found that soursop leaves is a proven alternative medication that can be used as natural way to cure and treat gout. Similar to the application of soursop leaves as antiseptic that is by boiling a handful of leaves into 2 to 3 cups of water for 10 to 30 minutes and apply them in affected area once the temperature is cool enough. The discomfort and any other pain will be gone after several uses.

4. Heal Your Diabetes

Diabetes epidemic is very prevalent now in modern society especially in western society and increasingly among Asian society as well. Diabetes remain one of the most dangerous disease with very risky consequences. Long term impact of diabetes includes: damage on arteries and other large blood vessel inside the heart, brain, and legs – all of them are of macrovascular damage, damage in the eye resulting in blindness, kidney failure, and nerve damage or microvascular damage. Primary indication of diabetes is the content of glucose inside blood – the normal person without diabetes will have fasting blood sugar level at 70 to 100 mg/dl. While, after meal blood sugar level should be less than 140 mg/dl if taken 2 hours after the consumption of food. The role of soursop leaves in diabetic patient is clear. Soursop leaves helps stabilize glucose level and maintain the glucose level in the range of 70 to 100 or 70 to 120 mg/dl which is considered normal range. Moreover, a lot of diabetes related disease such as amputation are caused because of untreated infection. Wound in diabetic patient is harder to be healed because of high-glucose content. The way soursop leaves treat them are two prongs: one, the soursop leaves lower general glucose level and two, soursop leaves prevent infection by boosting immune system. As conclusion, soursop leaves are one of the best natural medicine to treat and manage diabetes. 5. Improve General Health Including Beauty Besides serve as general way to improve immune system and repair many critical aspects of one’s health for example: soursop leaves are excellent to replace dying blood cell because of rich iron content, soursop leaves also serve as a natural way to improve the appearance because of its effect on skins, hair, and personal hygiene. First of all, soursop leaves contain high number of vitamins including vitamins A and C. These vitamins serve as anti-oxidant and anti-aging component that help cleanse our body from toxic free radicals that is dangerous for our health a s well as damaging for our appearance. Free radicals could cause wrinkles and heavy pigmentation that would alter your appearance. Additionally, the anti-bacteria content within soursop leaves help sterilize and keep your skins clean and shining. Soursop leaves also helps us maintain healthy and great-looking hair because soursop leaves antioxidant content helps our body repair damage in our hair due to exposure to bad environment. A lot of pollution causes many problems to our hair from dandruff, hair loss, and split ends. Washing our hair using soursop leaves water helps protect the health of our hair. If you have a problem with ticks or lice in your hair, the active content in soursop leaves could help inhibit the growth of those ticks or lice. Indirectly, soursop leaves also help rejuvenates part of your body including skins cells and hair. This happen because it facilitate a good night sleep. During sleep, our body underwent major rehabilitation where all toxic matter is being flushed out of our system and cells is being reproduced. Soursop leaves help relaxes our sense because of its aromatherapy characteristic. Soursop leaves also could be used as a tea either as substitute or as additive in tea and help us relax in the night. This used can treat insomnia. The other unexpected health benefit of soursop leaves that impact our general well-being is that soursop leaves facilitate repair of our vital organs. The content of protein helps rebuild broken part of our organs. The anti-oxidant content helps cleanse all toxins from crucial organs such as liver.

6. Soursop Leaves Heals Ulcer

Bacteria can cause ulcers and severe infections. Ulcer are painful sores that develops commonly on mouth and gums, and inside digestive system including small intestine (especially duodenum) or in the esophagus. The area affected by ulcers is swollen due to our body system trying to fight the bad germs inside the ulcer. Ulcers are not only painful but also causing a lot of discomfort. Soursop leaves is excellent remedies for ulcer because the substances within soursop leaves reduce inflammation and also act as pain killer. Additionally, soursop leaves improve our immune system. So that the usual slow healing process of ulcer can be shortened due to active immune system.

7. Helps Treat Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety is one of the cause that affect mental health of many people in this modern era. According to National Institute of Mental Health, in the United States of America anxiety disorder affects 40 million adult age 18 and older or equivalently amounting to almost 18% of the population. The reason why soursop leaves could help contribute in easing the symptoms of anxiety and depression is that because soursop leaves have been used by many cultures in South East Asia and South America to help regulate mood and state of mind. The easiest way to use soursop leaves as therapeutic tools is by infusing it in a tea or any other drink. The aromatherapy characteristic in soursop leaves helps relax the mind and allow us to achieve mind calmness. The more potent way soursop leaves heal the mind is by infusing torrent of antioxidants into our body. Also, help cleanse out toxic that stay inside the brain. The main cause of anxiety and depression is the damage inside our head nerve structure. One of the culprit is the damage due to toxic pollutant in the environment. Anti-free-radical agents within soursop leaves enable the brain as an organ to recover and rehabilitate itself hence restoring many of its cognitive function that help treat anxiety, mood regulation and stability, and depression. You can get a Soursop leaves anywhere including online shops in a form of capsule extract. You can also growing it on your backyard. Simply buy the seed from the gardener or directly take it from the fruit. Take the seed and soak them in the water overnight. Plant them half an inch deep in soil until they germinate. After a month they are ready to move to growing pot. So, we have listed the seven ways on how soursop leaves could improve your health and well-being. Soursop leaves is powerful natural remedies fos us. The health benefits of soursoup leaves is potential fighting malignant cancer cells, treating diabetes, antiseptic characteristics against microbes and virus. Moreover, the usage of soursop leaves does not bring any side effect at all unlike artificial modern medication. It is time for us to take full advantage of this nature-given remedies to improve our quality of life.

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